Floxy Queens Enterprise Limited

Human hair, Synthetic hair, Wigs, Lace wigs Hair products, Skin products, MakeUps, Fragrances, Undergarments, fashion bags and shoes & Salon equipments

Welcome to Floxy Queens

Welcome to Floxy Queens Enterprises Limited. Floxy Queens is a beauty registered company that specializes in selling retail human hair, synthetic hair, full and front lace wigs, wigs, fragrances, cosmetics, nail art, salon equipment's, fashion bags and shoes, jewelries, sunglasses, make-ups and beauty accessories. 

Floxy Queens Beauty Shop is registered with the CORPORATE AFFAIRS COMMISSION the autonomous body responsible for regulating the formation and management of companies in Nigeria. We have a valid certificate of incorporation to run business in Nigeria. The business is registered as Floxy Queens Enterprises Limited. Our trade mark is simply "house of tresses". The idea of Floxy Queens was based on providing the highest standard of wholesale and retail trading of quality hair and hair products, together with providing outstanding customer service. The company has led a flourishing Hair and Beauty Group at the forefront of selling all kind of hair, beauty and health products. We started trading on hair products since 2009 since then we have been growing stronger by the day. We run a reliable service within Nigeria and we also cover other parts of the world. Our customers are mostly Africans that reside in Europe, North America, Africa, South America and the Caribbean.

Our human hair is second to known. We have all range of human hair for everyone. We aim to provide our customers with the best quality and affordable products. We also offer other range of services like hairdressing, event planning and home services for weddings or pageants events. Our staffs are professional friendly people. Am sure you will love working with them. Please pay us a visit and experience the difference in shopping for hair and beauty products.

Floxy Queens  is also the official project voluntary organizer of Floxy Queens Women and Children project which is a women's voluntary organization run by, and for Floxy Queens Enterprise Limited.The rationale is to increase self awareness of Nigeria Women and to empower our women to expand their social and cultural potentials. Nigerian women of all backgrounds and ages can access a variety of programs and services. We strive to provide an environment where women can work together to promote their well-being, learn new skills and build their confidence.

What we sell

Human hair                                                               Synthetic hair                                                            Wigs & lace wigs
African Attire                                                            Make ups                                                                  Fragrances
      Cosmetics                                                                                                         FQWCP                                                                      Female undergarments                         
Fashion bags & shoes                                               Salon equipments                                                     Hair accessories

We encourage our customers in Nigeria to please visit our hair outlet to choose from a wide range of affordable and quality products. At Floxy Queens Beauty Shop you can find the best Beauty Products and discounted Fragrance prices obtainable to help you look good and smell great. You can also shop for all your favorite Eau de Toilette, Eau de Perfume, Cologne Spray, After-Shave, Spray, Body Lotion, Aromatherapy, Body Powder, Dusting Powder, Body Cream, Bath Gel, Hair style tips, bath, skin care, bath body work, hair, skin, massage, bath body, make up, cosmetic, sun glasses, eyeglass frame, eye make up, wigs, beauty supply, massage oil, eye wear, and lots more. Buy the best undergarments, designer bags & shoes now and attract happiness to yourself. For more info please contact us now.